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On my good days, my most earnest desire is to know God well--as well as I can. I've found that attending Sunday services isn't conducive to my learning style, so I'm venturing into books and blogs and podcasts (and a local care group) to hopefully become a little more mature in my relationship with God.

I have a degree (and an almost Masters degree) in English, which essentially means I'm schooled in being convincing. That's something I'm both thankful for and wary of. Partly because I can convince myself that I'm right about pretty much anything I form an opinion on! For this reason, I think that dialogue is one of the most crucial aspects of bible study. I think that hearing what other people have to say and inviting challenges and contradictions are as important (more important!) than establishing my own point of view and making it known.

The comment section of a blog is a great place for discussions! Through this blog, I really hope I will be able to connect with other people who share an interest in the topics and issues that I do, to help me to understand and love God as well as I can here and now. 

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